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Don't hesitate to ask whatever you want will find us as you want us to be!!
Dear Investors,
Have you decided to invest in Ethiopia!! We hope it will be in agriculture!! We advise you to invest in a new profitable field like poultry,dairy or honey industry!!
We know that your first and biggest questions can be : -

  • How can I start?
  • Which technology should I acquire?
  • Who will advice me technically and economically?
  • Who will take the responsibility with me for the selecting of the suitable technology,the installation,commissioning,training of my staff and after sales service?
  • Who will guarantee the success for me??
GASCO consider itself not as seller of equipments but as partner as well.We give our hand to you starting from building up the idea with you and your technicians till you start collecting your income.
You may ask again : You are a trade ! How you can do that??

Simply because we are well backed by world leading manufacturers in these fields.They are our guarantee to do that for you.They have already done it before in Ethiopia and in many places in the world.They are our guarantee to success.
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